Waiting for the appointment

I entirely hate it when you have to rest around and wait for service of anything all day.

This was the case when our central HVAC idea was having troubles and I had to call the local heat and a/c company to send out one of their certified heating and cooling specialists. They provided me a time window of 8am to 5pm. This was utter ridiculous. Why could not they have provided an hour time window? And why do dealers care about HVAC companies pull this junk all of the time? I just don’t get it and it is not honorableto the customer, how would the HVAC specialists care about it if they had to rest around all day, have to lose time from their job and just blow the entire day away because of waiting on something that should be given a direct time. I don’t suppose the HVAC specialists would care about it that much! But of course, these major corporations do not care in the least about things care about that. It’s always their way or none at all. I almost guess care about starting our own HVAC company that will give exact appointments for Heating and A/C service and other HVAC home services. With the time being easy and exact, it would put these time wasting heat and a/c corporations out of contractor because all the people would come to me before them. That would be a well known fact. Needless to say, the HVAC specialist didn’t show up that day till almost 4pm!

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