Want sunshine, but not cold air

I am so tired of living in places with terrible natural light.

All of the past four places I’ve stayed at were nothing short of dim and gloomy all day long; there wasn’t a single window that received enough light during any part of the day.

Even though I was previously residing in crappy little apartments, the house that I currently live in is no different! All day I struggle to brighten up my work space in order to make a more pleasant environment. Of course, the place where I like to do most of my writing has one of the poorest window situations. The only solution I’ve found is to open up our patio door, letting some of the streaming afternoon sunlight in. This looks amazing, but doesn’t feel so great. See, every time I try to catch the sun, I also catch the outdoor air and disrupt my home’s central HVAC system. The temperature outdoors is still a bit low, usually circling right around 50 degrees. Though the sun feels incredible, the air itself is too chilly compared to the temperature settings indoors. I end up feeling the temperature drop significantly as I continue to write, trying to be mindful of how hard the poor furnace is working as it tries to keep up. I know this isn’t a good solution for brightening up my workspace and it’s going to cost me more money in the long run to operate my central heating system harder. I’m just not sure what else to do, short of knocking a new hole into the wall.


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