Water is coming through the lights

I rent a barn from a guy as well as I teach gymnastic lessons there, but he makes a superb chunk of change with what I pay him quarterly, then it is nice for me to store all my device as well as conduct lessons not at my home; The condition of the barn isn’t too hot though.

The bathroom is typically gross. I tried cleaning it however it was quite dirty as well as stained looking. There is also resting water in the bathroom at all times. The barn main section isn’t superb either. The floor has pieces coming up. I have tried to do some repairs to ensure a flat surface. I am not the owner as well as I put folding mats over top of it; So no harm, no foul you know? The biggest concern is the roof though, but at first I thought it was just a drywall issue on the ceiling, however pieces of drywall would frequently fall as well as expose the beams of the roof. I would wash up the pieces as well as just conduct company like usual! When water started leaking around the lights, I knew there was a major concern here. I have contacted the guy about the condition of his roof. He hasn’t answered me. I do not care for to push too tough as well as be a problem. I don’t want to raise my rent. I am guessing he will charge me more if he needs a current roof. How long can a roof leak water? I am thinking it is a fire hazard when water leaks through the lighting. I don’t want it to be dangerous for my students either.

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