We bought a generator so we could run the furnace

In order for my friend and I to be able to run the furnace in our house in the event of a power outage, we bought a generator.

For a few years, my partner and I had been debating getting a generator, but the time just never seemed right. After my friend and I had to deal with a hurricane, our next-door neighbor eventually bought one of those enormous systems that can power an entire condo. Every time my friend and I left our front door, it seemed as though my husband and I had to turn to look at the massive generator next to their house. Observing their generator only served to further reinforce my friend’s and my desire to purchase our own. My friend and I were extremely cold all the time when the furnace broke down following the hurricane, and the only source of heat in our house was the fireplace. It was a difficult time. The heating was just one aspect of it; my partner and I were without power for a considerable amount of time as well. Additionally, there was no electricity for us to use to cook or power the appliances. It was actually difficult for our family, and that’s also when my friend and I decided we wanted to buy a generator. Currently, my friend and I have a generator that is roughly the same size and power level as our neighbors’ generator. The fact that my friend and I no longer have to worry about the electricity, heating, or cooling breaking down on us is fantastic, in my opinion. I now have complete peace of mind regarding our appliances, as well as our HVAC and A/C systems, thanks to the purchase of this generator.


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