We built our own Heating plus Air Conditioning units for surviving the war

We had to build our own Heating plus Air Conditioning units to survive the war.

The world is in a poor state.

Several nuclear reactions went off, turning most of the world into a desert. This desert heat is so brutal that most do not survive without a central air conditioner or window air conditioner of some kind. Few homes had the luxury of a multi split air conditioner on hand. Times got even harder when the government ordered all families to hand over their central air conditioners, window air conditioners, plus sizzling water boilers for the war effort. The military used the Heating plus Air Conditioning units for necessary metal. The government also had all the Heating plus Air Conditioning professionals move to a huge HVCA facility where they would work to take apart all the air conditioners plus furnaces to be used elsewhere. The people, girls plus children mostly, were struggling to survive the brutal waves of heat plus cool that came. My sister plus I decided to use what our dad taught us about Heating plus Air Conditioning units to try plus build one of our own. My friend and I had very little heating plus cooling component to work with, so most of the air conditioner would have to be made by scratch. My friend and I did not even have an Heating plus Air Conditioning store to go plus search for better heating plus cooling component for sale. My friend and I didn’t have much, however my friend and I were able to build a crude air conditioning system that worked surprisingly well. In the winter time my friend and I just resorted to building a giant fire in the middle of our home. My friend and I had no idea how to make a sizzling water boiler or an electric heating system that would entirely work well.
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