We couldn’t find the woodpile.

I wished someone had informed myself and Al to stock up on wood when our spouse plus I got to the lodge, but we hadn’t heard anything about the snow coming.

We had been studying the weather reports for the last week, hoping the two of us would have a pleasant month for skiing plus staying in the mountains.

The weather reports were showing bright and sunny afternoons for the first few afternoons, plus fresh snow near the end of the week. Al and I had plenty of wood to get us through the first night there, plus planned on bringing in more wood to the beach house the following morning. I didn’t want to go outside at night. Throughout the night, nearly eighteen inches of fresh snow fell plus Al and I could not get to the woodpile. We had barely enough wood to keep the fireplace burning all through the night, plus now I had to figure out how to get dry wood for the rest of the week. Al called the main lodge plus asked about dry wood. The manager told myself and Al there was plenty of wood for the fireplace outside, but I didn’t want to go through 2 feet of snow to get to it. He told myself and others there was a closet in the dining room. If Al and I went in there, there was a small oil furnace that I could turn on. Most people didn’t like to use the oil furnace, because it added nothing to the ambience of the lodge. He said where to find the switch to turn the oil furnace on, plus how to set the thermostat. Al and I could not get to the woodpile, however the two of us had heating thanks to the oil furnace.

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