We had to hide our air conditioner

It was the middle of a vicious war, plus my friend and I were in hiding.

Much of the earth was desert due to a nuclear explosion, plus every property had at least two air conditioners in it.

The heat in the desert would get so sizzling that many people would die if they did not have an air conditioner to cool down their property during the hottest times of the afternoon. The war was going on for a long time, plus the military was desperate for material. They demanded that every property provide up their central air conditioners for the war effort. Not that my friend and I did not want to support our nation, however my friend and I would not survive long without our air conditioners. I came up with an idea. I decided my friend and I would hand over our central air conditioner, however hide our window air conditioner inside of a hidden chest in our basement. When the soldiers came by to get our a/c units, my friend and I gave them our central air conditioner. When they searched the apartment for another air conditioner, they did not find our hidden window air conditioner. Most of our neighbors had nowhere to hide their window air conditioners, so they had to turn over both their a/c units to the soldiers.


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