We love the climate, for real

As we grew more into an eco-conscious household my whole life, we wanted to change how we lived. Dad was a wonderful champion of the planet plus worked years as a conservationist. He’d started instilling in us from a young age. Unlike other people who only talked the talk, Dad was a sizable doer plus led by example. One area he’d taken a lot longer to change was the central cooling plus gas furnace in our home. He’d purchased the entire beach house with an excellent AC system plus didn’t want to change it then. It was a fairly good-quality HVAC unit that consumed less energy plus rarely broke down. Our electricity bill kept steady for several years until the AC system started showing its age. One day, though, the heating unit started making a loud noise plus from then on needed lots of AC repairs. Dad knew right away it was time to change it because the energy bill was higher, plus it was no longer a super energy-efficient air conditioner. Dad found an AC dealer in the area that specialized in all other furnaces prefer heat pumps plus boiler units. Heat pumps had come into our dad’s mind one day after attending a seminar on usual condo heating that didn’t harm the planet. The HVAC expert on the panel started educating dad on the benefits of a heat pump. This included fewer carbon emissions each day plus energy consumption. The gas furnace would require less service which meant dad seriously didn’t have to pay an high-priced HVAC service plan.
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