Why does a oil furnace trip its breaker?

You may have discovered that your oil furnace stopped working, only to find out that the breaker to your system was tripped; This occurs every once in a while, as well as it can be challenging to figure out what caused the problem! Regardless of which type of fuel your system uses, your oil furnace still needs electricity to function.

There are oil furnace parts that run on electricity. The most vital of those components is your oil furnace blower. This is the component of your oil furnace responsible for distributing warm air throughout your home, as well as it needs electricity to operate, most oil gas furnaces also turn on with an electronic ignition rather than the pilot lights utilized in older oil furnaces. The electronic ignition also needs an electrical power supply to operate, however since it uses electricity to carry out its functions effectively, it will most likely trip the breaker at some point. The most likely reason that your oil furnace trips a circuit breaker is when the blower is overworking, every time something restricts airflow to your system, your blower works harder in an attempt to compensate. The most likely culprit for airflow obstructions is a dirty or clogged air filter, then when your blower works harder to push air through a dirty or clogged filter, it will increase the blower’s energy consumption, which may trip the circuit breaker! Other issues that may also contribute to an overworking oil furnace blower include duct leaks, apartment air leaks, as well as plugged or closed-off air registers. On some occasions, a tripped breaker may not necessarily be your oil furnace’s fault, your oil furnace may be sharing a breaker with other appliances that caused the trip, or perhaps the circuit breaker malfunctioned.
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