Why I don't use A/C during our workout

I try to be as consistent with our workout regiment as I can manage to be.

I have particular methods to keep myself and others motivated during our workout.

This may seem odd to say, even though I don’t assume exercising in the A/C is better than exercising with little to no air conditioning. Now, hear myself and others out. Personally, when I am under the air conditioning, our body wants to go into unbelievable mode. For me, the air conditioning is something I want to step back into after a fantastic workout. Whether it’s cardio or strength exercises, air conditioning just makes myself and others want to relax. However, if there is no air conditioning, it helps myself and others get in the zone for a great workout. Now obviously, too much heat is a little too oppressive for working out. Also, I would actually request having plenty of water on hand to stay hydrated. However, when I’m covered in sweat more because it’s warmer, as well as the cool, refreshing A/C is not giving myself and others relief, I recognize more motivated, as well as our workouts recognize more effective. When our workout is finally done, there is nothing quite prefer stepping back into the A/C as well as getting a cool, refreshing drink. I suppose the A/C becomes a sort of reward for getting through our workout as well as giving it our all! So you see, I actually entirely prefer weather conditions control, as well as it does keep myself and others comfortable, it’s just that I don’t necessarily want to be in a state of comfort when I’m working out. I assume it’s actually counterproductive.


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