Working from home and having issues with air quality

I’ve been working entirely from home for about three years now.

I was thrilled when I was able to arrange my workload so that everything could be handled online.

Avoiding rush-hour traffic, the struggle to park and strict work hours of the office has been such a relief. I’ve set up a home workspace with a good sized desk, comfortable chair, my computer and monitor. I’m able to dress in more casual clothes, listen to music and drink hot tea while I complete my tasks. Because my workload is by the project rather than by the hour, I need to be as productive as possible. Any distractions that slow me down result in a longer workday. For the first month that I worked from home, I suffered from headaches, congestion, sore throat and frequent bouts of sneezing. At first, I assumed I was coming down with a cold. When the symptoms didn’t go away unless I left the house, I realized that there was most likely an issue with my indoor air quality. I researched online and blamed the heating and cooling system. Checking the air filters, I found them clogged with dust and debris. I then scheduled professional maintenance with a local HVAC contractor. When the technician accessed the inner workings of the system, he discovered a significant amount of dust, lint and mold growth. He recommended that I invest in duct cleaning aw well. Once all of the services were completed, I noticed a significant improvement in the cleanliness and comfort of the whole house. Plus, the furnace and air conditioner no longer cost as much to operate.



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