Working from home, control over HVAC

There were a million reasons that I hated my last job, but the number one complaint would have to be the office environment I was surrounded by. See, although I was lucky enough to have my own private office, the shared space right outside my door was truly miserable. Everyone was contained in tiny little cubicles, the air was completely still and silent, and the vibe was totally sad and depressing. You could hear a pin drop from the other side of the building, it was so quiet and tense in that space all the time. Worst of all, though, the air temperature control was completely out of whack. I swear, whoever was in charge of the thermostat must have been going through menopause, because the indoor air temperature fluctuated wildly throughout the day. It was too hot one moment, and frigidly cold the next. Thanks to their crazy hot and cold flashes, every single person was regularly getting sick and missing work. We tried a few times to ask the boss about having a professional HVAC technician come take a look at our old ventilation system, but he insisted the money was not in the budget. We seriously couldn’t understand how they expected us to keep working in such weird temperature conditions without complaining. Apparently their solution was to give everyone a free company blanket for christmas, so that we could moderate our own temperatures throughout the office without worrying about the broken down HVAC system. And that, my friends, is what we here in the business world call true American innovation.
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