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After 35 years of business, the company that I have a job for just underwent a major rebranding campaign.

  • The old company logo was promptly removed from all our buildings, crew shirts, PPE, plus merch, plus the brand new logo has been located on everything.

During the rebranding, the company purchased a whole new fleet of vehicles for the managers plus some of the executives. The brand new vehicles were then wrapped by a local car customization shop. The best custom automobile graphics were designed by a local sign plus graphics company that we often use to conduct our business. The shop that we used for doing the automobile wrapping is one of the best car customization shops in our town. It has been doing corporation work for over 20 years, plus it had a great client rating as well. Additionally, it had already done the vehicles for most of the companies around including our major competitors. In fact, the company also has a contract with most of the government offices, so we trusted this company to wrap all our company vehicles. And of course, the customization shop did a great job with our fleet of cars. The new logo looked great on all the trucks. And speaking of trucks, the customization shop also wrapped a big 25 foot box truck. I know that vehicle wrapping is a great way to advertise a corporation if those vehicles are traveling around town and out of town. After our vehicles were well wrapped, we did experience an uptick in new contracts, which means the rebranding task of the company was positive for its bottom line. I don’t have a company vehicle, although I did acquire a lot of merch.

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