Zoning is a big deal

Frank moved into his new lake apartment just after the construction team left… Frank was excited to start the new chapter in the new town, and after getting fired from his previous job, Frank had been upset about his future! But an opportunity meeting with his middle school best neighbor had been Frank’s saving grace.

  • Alicia’s neighbor had an open position in his dealer, but he needed Frank to relocate; The new apartment was excellent & had the right AC system to keep Frank warm.

The temperature was colder than Alicia was used to, although Frank was determined to adjust. The AC dealer that had installed the heating device came over the very next morning. An HVAC specialist needed to finish some job in the apartment & guide Frank on using it. Unlike other central cooling & furnaces, the one in his lake apartment was a new zoning system, and it meant the quality HVAC had one central thermostat & several others easily spread across the house. At first, Frank wasn’t sure why he needed such an AC zoning system. But, a conversation with the HVAC expert proved super fruitful. Each main room in the apartment had a small thermostat that was connected to the only primary one. The smaller AC thermostats were essential in controlling energy usage in the family house. Instead of heating each room the same, Alicia could turn the AC down in areas Frank did not use often… For example, there was no need to heat the guest rooms if no one was staying over. Frank saw sense in this & l acquired it would be an excellent way for guests to control un-even temperatures in their rooms.



ductless multi split

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