A cat crawled up my Heating pipe

Every time it rains hard in the summer time season, I hear the tree frogs outside singing, but my friend and I have a immense population of tree frogs in this area, & they are the first thing you hear after a steady rainfall, but i grew up in an part that had more bullfrogs than tree frogs. I even used to hunt for bullfrogs at our pond by sticking my hand underneath rocks along the shoreline, however even though I feel terrible about it now for spine-chilling the frogs in their homes, I had a lot of fun doing it when I was a kid. I did it before I moved to the South & started catching lizards by hand, then that’s where I am living now, & it’s also where my associate and I have so numerous tree frogs, especially in the summer, a lot of times people will get upset listening to the frogs, even though I prefer it every single time, and however, I recently had a concern with a frog that cost me a lot of money. Many modern cooling systems have a shut off switch when the condensate line gets blocked. That’s the pipe that carries the exhaust water out of your cooling system & takes it outside. Basically, the air gets dried as it goes through the cooling system & the moisture is collected via the condensate line. An old cooling system is like mine, if this condensate line gets blocked it will back up into the cooling system itself. That water then floods the cooling system & the space underneath it as well. In my case thankfully my cooling system is in my garage so all it did was create a pool of water on some concrete. I had to call the heating & cooling business to send out a specialist to clear the frog clog.
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