Author: Phil

How the whole house surge protection will protect your HVAC system investment

Once you spend a considerable amount of money on your HVAC system, the chances are that you will be willing to do everything possible to keep it serving you longer without requiring replacement. On average, a well-maintained air conditioning unit should serve you for at least a decade or a decade and a half. However, […]

Why you should always check the HVAC system when you first buy a house

The excitement that comes with buying a new home can be so overwhelming that it overshadows one’s judgment. It is such a big achievement for most people to buy a house, and this explains why they may overlook some of the things they consider as not being too crucial. Unfortunately, in the clouding of their […]

What is commercial energy

Energy can be a confusing subject for someone who is not in this sector. There are different categories of energy, but the most common are the residential and commercial energy types. In the US, energy is subdivided into four categories: retail, industrial, residential, and transportation. Overall, there is an increasing need for energy as consumers […]

I have always wondered how my outdoor AC unit is often unaffected by rain

Have you ever thought about how resilient and robust your outdoor HVAC system is? These gadgets can withstand fluctuating hot and cold temperatures and almost remain unaffected, especially if they have no internal issues. This has always been something that fascinates and perplexes me. I am often amazed at how my outdoor air conditioner can […]

My furnace keeps blowing in cold air every time it overheats?

Nothing is more frustrating, like when your HVAC system malfunctions, yet you need it to work correctly. Besides the discomfort that comes with this, there is the problem of wasting energy. One of the biggest problems is when your furnace fails to heat your home in the middle of winter. It is not always practical […]

How to quickly cool yourself when the AC breaks down all of a sudden

Like most other gadgets and appliances in the house, an HVAC system may break down unexpectedly. When your furnace fails to heat or your AC no longer blows in cold air, you need to have a few strategies to guarantee your comfort before the system gets back to normal. Fortunately, even before you think about […]