Dual fuel system is great for the home

My cat is in hardcore cleaning mode, as it licks its paw and cleans behind its ears.

I often see my cats dipping their paws in their water bowl and licking the water that is on the bottom of their paws.

I don’t know if other cats do that but it is pretty fun to watch. They also do the same with food too, grabbing the food in their paw and eating it out of their hand more or less. I guess all cats are a bit funny, and listening to them devour food in the morning is my favorite. Hybrid heating keeps us all warm in the wintertime while our fireplace takes a little break. We have a nice life in this home with our two cats and me and my wife Kat. I met her on the paseo outside of this local business and we also worked together in the HVAC field for a while. She is a cool lady and I am so lucky that we found each other when we did because I was kind of spiraling a bit out of control. Anyway, we got a dual fuel system in our house not long ago and it really trimmed down on our power bills. Kat talked me into buying it and it was one of the best decisions she has made to save money around the house. I hope we both stay healthy and I keep my HVAC tech job at the local business so that we can keep living the life we have been for so many years.

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