A Furnace Uses 3 Times More Energy

The HVAC professional suggested that I try running my furnace a few degrees lower

Despite the fact that I run my air conditioner all day long during the summer, it’s still cheaper to run compared to my heat. I made this discovery during my first winter in this house. After running my AC all summer long, I managed my monthly utility bills just fine. I didn’t have any problems paying the bills that arrived each month, so I continued running my furnace at the same capacity when winter rolled around. When I got my first utility bill after running my furnace, I was shocked! My initial reaction was to call the local HVAC company and have them come service my HVAC equipment again. Something had to be terribly wrong with my furnace, even though an HVAC professional had just serviced it a few weeks prior. I basically paid for nothing, because the HVAC professional assured me that nothing was wrong with my furnace. However, a furnace used 3 times more energy to heat a home compared to air conditioning. Since I had the furnace running constantly and at a higher temperature, my energy costs were higher. When I showed him my utility bill, he nodded and said that it looked normal if I was running my furnace as much as I was. The HVAC professional suggested that I try running my furnace a few degrees lower. I have no choice but to take his suggestion, because I can’t afford to keep paying such a high utility bill all winter.

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