A lack of Heating in addition to Air Conditioning maintenance was affecting indoor comfort

There are several things you can do to enjoy proper indoor comfort. Heating and air conditioning maintenance are at the top of the list. Maintenance is required to ensure that all parts of the Heating and Air Conditioning system are running smoothly. When one fails, the entire system may run inefficiently, resulting in poor indoor air quality. This was something I discovered the hard way during my first year in my new lake house. My dream had always been to live in a lake house. So, rather than buying a simple condo in town, I decided to save more and go for a lake house. The house I purchased included a small lake as well as 10 acres of land. To keep the space cool in the summer and hot in the winter, I had to install a new heating and air conditioning system. Though my friend and I experience cold winters as well as hot summers, these aren’t too extreme. So, for my lake house, a simple Heating and Air Conditioning system was the best solution. My mistake was separating heating and air conditioning maintenance by two years, which impacted my indoor comfort. One hot summer morning, I awoke drenched in sweat because the heating and air conditioning systems were both turned off. When I turned it on, nothing happened. This prompted me to contact the local Heating and Air Conditioning company and ask them to send me a Heating and Air Conditioning professional. The man confirmed that a lack of Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance had resulted in a clogged air filter as well as a few other problems. His advice was to call them at least twice a year to inspect and ensure that the Heating and Air Conditioning system was in good working order.

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