A treehouse with air conditioning

It gets searingly hot here in the Summer

Okay so maybe I went over the top on the tree house for my kid. But I loved every minute of it and I’m hanging out in the tree house as well. This might be odd to most folks and I guess I sort of get that. I am a grown man who spends 50 plus hours inside the zone controlled HVAC of work. I’m a husband and father who takes his family life very seriously. It’s really the most important facet in my life. When I was a kid, my home life wasn’t all that great. My parents tried but were pretty stuck in self destructive habits. We all lived in a tiny house that didn’t even have residential HVAC. There was a stove for heating with wood and fans for cooling. That was it. My other friends had cool forts and tree houses but that wasn’t the case for me. This is probably why I went so crazy with this tree house for my son. It started out simply enough. It was a father son project that just continued to grow. But the more we designed and built, the cooler the whole thing really was. So it only made sense for me to have the HVAC professionals come out to put in some residential HVAC in the tree house. It gets searingly hot here in the Summer. And I wanted to be sure that me and my boy could still enjoy our spot in trees throughout all that heat. The ductless heat pump works perfectly when it comes to providing that cooling comfort we need during the Summer heat.
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