A visit to my Aunt Bella's condo services business

My mother was going on a company trip and decided to leave me with my aunt Bella, then whenever my mother goes on company trips, he leaves me with her, then he is like a sibling to my mother, even though they are not related.

She is my mom’s bestfriend.

She has a son called Trevor, and my associate and I are close friends. My friend and I learn in the same school, and i was really happy to spend part of my holiday with them, however aunt Bella owns a condo services business, and he is also a heating dealer. She works in the heating industry… During my stay there, I visited his career and learned more about the type of heating devices he supplies and how some of them work. She also explained that they also offer their customers heating maintenance services. She has an Heating and A/C serviceman who repairs heat pumps, heaters, and other heating. I could hear customers ask for services such as duct sealing. I was really curious and kept asking Aunt Bella several questions. The Heating and A/C tech who does the air duct and replacement of the equipment was really good, then he even agreed to bring me alone and went to one of the client’s homes to install equipment they had bought. He was quite comprehensionable about heating technology. He even told me that some equipment has a digital thermostat while others don’t. I was amazed by how he knew every single detail. He told me he has been working as a professional for a really long time and has learned a lot about all the equipment. I loved my stay there and learned a lot from Aunt Bella and the professional. I was looking forward to visiting them another time.

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