Adding a ductless heat pump

Well so much for all that retirement planning.

My spouse & I have decided to stay put now that my pal and I are Grandparents. I don’t know what it is but the idea of leaving for the south & all that air conditioning didn’t seem right. Once the grandbabies were born, my pal and I were both rethinking our plans. However, for more than a decade we’d been actively planning to upgrade the Heating & Air Conditioning component in our home, sell it, & transfer to the land of the heat pump. My buddy and I would vacation in areas that my pal and I thought we might want to retire to. And my pal and I had even begun looking for homes down there. The end was near for our mornings inside the zone controlled Heating & Air Conditioning of our respective offices. That’s when our eldest daughter had our first grandchild. My buddy and I were both completely caught off guard by how much we both loved being Grandma & Grandfather. Neither of us had ever thought that this would be the case. So when the next one came along, my pal and I knew that we were staying put. We’re genuinely going to sell the condo at some point. But my pal and I just added a sunroom as a nod to all that time in the daylight we didn’t pursue. For sure, it’s going to add value to our property, but my pal and I enjoy being out there, and the ductless heat pump my pal and I had installed by the Heating & Air Conditioning company provides just the best quality heating & air. This will be our second summer time with the sunroom. I have to say that the air conditioner from the ductless heat pump is so impressive. And the heating is good too as my pal and I stayed out there all winter this past year.


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