Adding a small twist to air conditioning unit

Yep, I feel the neighbors have gone all in on the air conditioner all the time now. It’s almost mid April & that seems about right. Those are some kind people & I’m sure lucky they live next door. They’re from up north & have only been here a couple of years. They don’t take to the heat & humidity and they had hoped I guess. Once June rolls around they stay sealed up in the air conditioning. Seriously, they go from the garage to the air conditioning of a motorcar to work. There they are inside the commercial Heating & Air Conditioning of that office all afternoon. Back inside the air conditioner of the motorcar to the garage & then inside the central air conditioner of their home. This is the biweekly routine until at least September. Well, except for the weekends. Then, they just stay sealed up inside the central air conditioner morning, noon, & night. Again, I’m quite serious. I sure miss my neighbors during the Summer. But dang, how in the world do they afford all the cooling costs. I checked & their SEER rating is about the same as our heat pump. Man, I have a full plan of attack when it comes to air conditioner costs. I’m all about prepping the condo to save on air conditioner usage. And I’m a temperature control hawk when it comes to the Summer. I’m even doing all the cooking outside this Summer so I don’t use the stove & heat up the home. Even then, I hate opening the utility bill from June through September. My neighbors must be paying an absolute fortune in cooling expenses.


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