Air conditioning malfunction on a vacation

Last summer, my family and I took a vacation to the beach.

It was the first time that our whole family had gotten together in a long time for a vacation, so we were all really looking forward to spending time together.

Everything was going great until one day, we came back from the beach and the house was extremely hot and humid. At first, we assumed that the air conditioning had been turned off. However, when we adjusted the thermostat, nothing happened. It was clear that the air conditioner simply was not working. We called the company we rented our vacation home with and told them about our complications with the temperature control. They told us that they would send an HVAC technician to the site immediately for an emergency repair, but it was still likely going to take a few hours. Everyone was crabby after a long day in the sun and we did not want to stay in a hot, humid home. We decided to go out to dinner. We enjoyed the wonderful air conditioning of the restaurant. When we returned to the vacation home, the HVAC technician was just finishing up. Within fifteen minutes, the air conditioning was back on. We were all so grateful to have a vacation company that cooperated with us. Thanks to the cooperation of the rental company and the HVAC technician, we were able to relax and be comfortable in an air conditioned space.

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