An education in HVAC

Education is the best way to improve your situation in life. But what most people won’t tell you is that you need to pick the right education. Beyond the basics of reading, writing, and math, you need to be more selective in how you spend your time and money for education. We all know people who work at Starbucks because they can’t find a good job with a master’s degree. College is great for some people, but there is a lot to be had from learning a trade. Achieving your HVAC certification costs a fraction of a college education, and can prove to be a lot more valuable in the long run. It’s not like I grew up with a passion in my heart for air conditioners, I wasn’t following a dream by choosing this path. I just looked at my options, and what I had to work with, and learning the HVAC trade seemed like a smart decision. It’s all about return on investment, right? Doctors invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in their education, and can make millions, just like HVAC techs can invest a couple thousand on their education, and make a comfortable living forever. Some people over-achieve, as I know a man with a high school education who now owns a multi-million dollar HVAC contractor business. He didn’t get there by luck, he got there by applying himself to a trade, and becoming as educated as he could about heating and cooling system installation. No matter how you educate yourself, make sure you do it with purpose.

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