An impressive heating device in a Coke shop

It had been a good afternoon.

I was moving houses & upgrading to a crucial condo.

I had worked taxing to get here & was truly proud of myself. I had one of those precious moments where I basked in my glory. After unpacking my things, I decided to go for a latte at the downtown mall. It had been a cold afternoon. I noticed this when I got to the ice cream shop. The minute I entered the Coke shop, I instantaneously noted the difference between the outdoor temperature & inside the restaurant. I directly attributed this to a high-quality heating device. The digital control unit at the counter indicated the modern heating technology serving the store. Far from our outdated dial regulator, my recent landlady refused to change from the initial setup, which was a heater. The HVAC tech had commanded her countless times to change it, despite the fact that she constantly complained about the “high” costs the condo maintenance supplier charged. The sticker on the HVAC duct vent told me which heating industry had manufactured it. I knew this since I worked as an HVAC serviceman. The management must track the stressed heating maintenance for the heat pump service. As I sat there having my ice cream, I appreciated how warm & cozy it was inside and, more so, appreciated the amazing chocolate mint ice cream I had. It also occurred to me that I would not have to worry about heating maintenance or duct sealing, which were some of the perks of living in an condo building. The management would take care of contacting the heating dealer.

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