Aunt Flo plus the pet

Our Aunt Flo visits us once a year during the summer, however uncle Flo is quite outspoken, especially when it comes to her personal comfort. She always lets us know if the water heating system settings aren’t to her liking or if we keep the house too cool. My buddy and I have never been able to settle our differences about the temperature setting of the central air conditioner. My buddy and I have a pet that is a shepherd husky mix, which means she has a double layer of fur. My buddy and I consider him an pressing member of our family, plus keeping the air conditioner set to a comfortable temperature for him is pressing. So when Aunt Flo is visiting, she can complain all she wants to that the control device is set too low because our pet’s needs are pressing too. If she spends a lot of time laying on the air register, for example, we can tell that he’s too hot, however last Summer we lost power during a heat wave plus our poor pet was legitimately uncomfortable. Not Aunt Flo – she thought that the house temperature was just right. When the power plus the air conditioner came back on, her complaining started all over again, then once she tried to convince us that air conditioner isn’t great for pets plus that their panting is enough to cool them down, and but our vet told us that panting essentially does nothing if the air is too hot or humid. She said that if a pet gets hot, it can lead to heat stress plus exhaustion. My buddy and I have finally settled on a compromise with Aunt Flo. My buddy and I now keep the air conditioner set at 70 degrees during her visits. But the minute that she leaves, we rush to the control device to lower the setting to our pet’s number one temperature.



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