Baking soda and air purifiers

I had a little cat litter issue but I think the problem is gone now thanks to a few bags of baking soda.

I put a little in the litter box and then I have two containers of it in the bathroom to absorb the rest of the smells.

I found a litter that lasts for two weeks and am going to use it because it tracks throughout the flat less and my little robot vacuum cleaner doesn’t have to work so hard each day removing the litter spread all over the floor like our last litter we used. Local businesses sell the new silica litter for four bucks, so I spend eight bucks a month on litter but it is really easy for me, that along with my air purifier running in the flat makes for a nice smelling flat. I think the cats eat about $5 a month in food, so for $13 I have two cats all happy in the home. This air conditioned store sells the food in bulk and I buy these huge bags once every several months or so, which saves me constant trips to the local contractor’s shop to buy the stuff. I think today I am going to buy this little djembe drum for $130 at this music shop so that I can play the drum without having to lug around my huge djembe. The HVAC tech at the shop is going to drum with me each time I go out, which is great because we have been working at the HVAC business together a long time.

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