Bees and wasps inside the air ducts

I bought a dilapidated and run down building for my HVAC business.

I looked all over the neighborhood for months and months to find the right building.

Most of the real estate was severely pricey. I had to wait for the right property to come to me. I met with a realtor every other week and we viewed commercial properties. Then a couple of weeks ago, we found the building that I decided to purchase, and even though it was dilapidated and run down, it was entirely cheap. I knew that I could spend a few thousand dollars to get everything repaired and new. One thing that I did not count on meeting was an exterminator. A lot of old buildings have concerns with rats, however this building had a problem with wasps and hornet nests. The buzzing inside of the duct work in the commercial building was loud. I called an exterminator to look for concerns with insects or rodents. There were no rats at all in the building, but the wasps and hornet nests were an entirely different story. It took two afternoons for the exterminator to remove all of the bees. I guess the guy took the hives and nests to a local farm, although he may have disposed of them too. I do not know if it is illegal to dispose of wasps and hornets, but I know honey bees have to be relocated due to the fact that they are dwindling in numbers everyday. If the honey bees disappear, we won’t be able to officially pollinate any of our crops, fruits, or vegetables.

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