Being a criminal law lawyer is tough

When my friends and I were still in school, the notion of spending a decade or two in graduate school was terrifying.

Some people seek PhDs, and it takes them about this long to receive their final diploma.

As a result, some of us began to seriously investigate attending law school and becoming attorneys. It felt like a perfect fit because it’s a typical path for students studying psychology or economics. Fortunately, I attended a few pre-law classes at my undergraduate school and quickly realized that it wasn’t the correct career for me. My best friend and roommate, on the other hand, had the polar opposite experience. He chose the pre-law course since he couldn’t get into any other schools for that period, and it ended up offering him with a career route. It wasn’t self-explanatory, though, because he had to first pass the LSAT with a high score, as well as complete many years of education at a legal school. After receiving a diploma, you must pass the Bar exam in each state where you aspire to practice law. My friend got a trial position with the state prosecutor’s office instantly. Despite his substantial pay as a state attorney, he was stressed and anxious. He didn’t like having to defend real felons, especially when they were monsters who committed murder and other serious acts. When a law school classmate told him about the benefits of being an estate law and family attorney, my friend jumped at the first job vacancy at a law company. Our friend is more delighted now that he is an estate law and family law attorney. He sometimes has to deal with nasty customers, but it’s nothing compared to representing killers in criminal court.


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