Being proactive by installing an air purifier

Ever since the outbreak of the covid virus, I’ve been more concerned with indoor air quality. Because of the severe weather in my local area, it’s necessary to rely on either the furnace or the air conditioner for most of the year. I spend a great deal of money on my utility bills. In an attempt to minimize costs, I’ve gone to great lengths to tightly seal up the house. I don’t want the heated or cooled air to escape and hope to prevent outdoor air from getting inside. I’ve caulked and weatherstripped and installed new windows and doors. My efforts have helped to stop drafts and energy waste. However, air pollutants get trapped inside. There are sources of air contamination in just about every room of the house. Pets, cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, humidity and everyday life just add to the problem. There’s dust mites, mold growth, bacteria, dust, pollen, viruses and so many contaminants to worry about. I make sure to have the furnace and air conditioner professionally serviced every fall and spring. A licensed contractor comes to the house and thoroughly cleans all of the components. I am diligent about replacing air filters, vacuuming and scrubbing with disinfectant products. I’ve also been proactive in having an air purifier installed. The air purifier is situated inside the ductwork and treats the air as it passes through. It uses negative ions to cause dust and other allergens to clump together and become heavier and more easily filtered out. It actively kills harmful pathogens by disrupting the DNA and helps to remove VOCs and unpleasant smells from the air.
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