The local HVAC business I worked for rewarded my mum with a new GEO AC unit during the test phase

We desired a new AC system for my mom’s house.

She had sacrificed a lot for us as kids ever since dad left.

Many knew that my mom chose to raise us as a single mom even when she didn’t have to. She even worked three jobs to give us a decent life. She held it together, but my sister and I could see that it took a lot of sacrifices for her to provide us with such a life. We worked very hard at school and never disappointed her. We got college scholarships, and I was studying to become an immigration lawyer, whereas my twin sister was studying medicine. She wanted to become a pediatrician. Mom could not be prouder of her girls. She could now afford to work only one job since her bills had reduced, but still, there was not much comfort. We planned to upgrade her once we started working and even had plans to buy her a new home. However, we still hoped that she could live comfortably even before all that happened. So when there was a draw to win a GEO HVAC system that was being introduced, I entered mom without her knowledge. I hoped that she would win and get the new unit installed in her house. It seems the heavens heard my prayer as she emerged victoriously. She could not believe it when the HVAC business called her with the news. I later told her what I had done, and she was glad I cared that much to consider her comfort. I will definitely do anything for my mama.

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I got special financing for my AC after I lost my job

Losing my job was stressing me out because everywhere I looked seemed closed and dark.

As if my lack of a job wasn’t hard enough, my HVAC system decided to quit on me.

It had shown signs of giving up a few months before, but things were tight, and there was nothing I could do back then. The situation at work was delicate as the company was sailing in rocky seas, and no one knew what our fate would be. We waited with fingers crossed, hoping that an opportunity would emerge to earn better and even get promotions. But sincerely, there was no hope. A few months on, the company had to close shop. They were making continuous losses and decided to declare bankruptcy. Just like that, I was out of a job after working there for a decade. I had grown so much but was unprepared for such a sudden exit. We were in the middle of a pandemic, and no companies were hiring. It was a scary moment for me. After a few weeks of staying at home, I decided to try out business since I had baking skills and was a great marketer. I decided that this was the time to start since it had been in my mind. I applied for a business loan and waited for approval. Just before approval, my AC broke down, and I couldn’t bake without proper air conditioning. So I took another leap of faith and applied for a second HVAC loan. Luckily for me, I got them both and replaced the system with a modern one. My business kicked off successfully as I took advantage of the lockdown and focused on home deliveries. I have been so fortunate to make more money than I did when employed and plan to continue.



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There was snow and ice inside the outdoor HVAC

I missed a call from mom last week and had to call her back later.

I was just getting into an important meeting and hoped she understood.

Mom had been asking me to go home and visit. It had been some time since I was there. Getting a promotion at work came with a lot of responsibilities. I knew mom and dad understood, but I promised to visit soon. I guessed that was what mom wanted to tell me when I called her back after work. She picked up and was so excited to talk about a few things. She wanted to update me that they’d called an AC repair person to the house to fix the unit. It was winter, and I didn’t want to imagine my parents staying without proper air conditioning in the house. Mom told me the issue was the outdoor HVAC unit. She’d been baking in the kitchen when the air conditioner stopped working. Dad called the AC repair person, who arrived two hours later to work on the unit. The outdoor HVAC system had let in some snow and ice during a storm the previous night. The ice and snow had affected the electrical system, so the HVAC expert had to do it first. Only when there was no more ice and snow did he mend the faulty wiring and restore heat in the house. I was happy to hear the issue was resolved and once more promised mom I’d go home to visit them soon. I had to stay on the line a little longer when she transferred the phone to dad.
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Mom bought a window AC unit for Michael

Michael was dreading his final exams.

This was such a crucial time in his life because the exams would determine if he got into the university he wanted to attend.

Mom was always encouraging him to keep studying and ask for anything he wanted. Michael got a new laptop, better WIFI, and a window AC unit. His room was in the arctic, and at times it got so hot up there that it was hard for him to concentrate. So Michael pleaded with mom to buy him a window AC unit to keep the space warm. Mom agreed and went to the AC supplies store to search for the suitable unit. She was in luck because the store was offering a discount on the window AC units. Mom decided to buy two and set the other one up in the garage. The following day, she called an HVAC expert to our home who did an excellent job installing the new unit. Michael was so happy since he could now focus on his studies. In addition, he slept much better and didn’t have to go downstairs to sleep on the couch when the arctic was too hot. Finally, the day came for Michael to sit for his exams. Mom made sure he got enough rest and woke up early to get ready. She drove him to school and wished him luck. Michael passed the exams with flying colors and was admitted to the university he loved so much. It was our dad’s former alma mater. Michael had always wanted to follow in his footsteps and perhaps travel the globe like he did one day.



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The portable HVACs came in handy last summer

Grandma was coming over to visit last summer and planned to stay for some time. We’d intended to go visit her, but dad and mom couldn’t get out of work. Instead, grandma opted to come down and enjoy some sunshine at the coast. My sister and I drove to the airport to pick her up then went to grab some ice cream after. Grandma was one of the coolest people I knew, and she insisted we go to the mall first before heading home. Let’s just say we got so much more than ice cream. She took my sister and I shopping and I finally got to get this summer dress I’d been eyeing for quite some time. As we were winding down, mom joined us, and we all drove home together. We found dad in the kitchen working on his favorite steaks to pop on the grill. Grandma was so happy to see all of us and gave mom and dad a few things she’d brought for them. We ate dinner, watched a movie then went to bed. I woke up at night because the room was so hot. I thought something was wrong with the air vent in my room and went to sleep with my sister. We bumped into each other as she was leaving the bathroom covered in sweat. It seemed the AC unit had stopped working, and the whole house was like a furnace in June. Mom and dad woke up and went to check the air conditioner. There was little to do at that hour, so we got the portable HVAC units from the garage and placed each in a room for the rest of the night.



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I had to teach Uncle Parker to use the smart thermostat

Uncle Parker and I were always close.

  • As a young boy, he took the position of my dad and helped me learn a lot.

Uncle Parker is my mom’s older brother, and I consider him more like a dad than an uncle. He is the one who encouraged me to pursue my passion for robotics and even took me to competitions when mom had to work. I must admit my fondest memories were the two of us working in our garage on a robot over the summer. He wasn’t keen on all the new technology. In fact, he kept joking that I was going to be why the robots rise against human beings. But, he was always willing to take me to competitions, and I won many of them. While in high school, in my senior year, I went for an international competition with a top award. The award was a full scholarship and internship at the best university globally, and I won it. I left home to attend the university and even did a master’s in the same school. The moment I got back home, I went home to see mom then uncle Parker. I’d brought him a smart thermostat which I knew would help him a lot at home. Uncle Parker liked practical gifts and was so happy to hear what the smart thermostat did. We installed it together and connected it to his air conditioner. Then I downloaded its app on his smartphone and taught Uncle Parker how to adjust its settings.

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There was a new HVAC repair service near my house

For quite some time, we’ve been fighting for some changes in our locale.

We felt like the local government concentrated on developing other areas and neglecting smaller areas like where I lived.

We had a strong civic leader who always managed to fight for our rights and get us the developments we needed. Recently, we had the park near my home upgraded to suit children. The city had neglected it, and most of the swings weren’t suitable for kids. After that, the civic leader also got us a new development in the area. A highway was passing near and pumped a lot of new life to the local businesses. With that, many new places opened up, including a yoga studio that I loved. The other day, I saw an HVAC repair van parked near my car as I was coming from yoga. I looked around and saw some people putting decorative window films on a new HVAC supplies and repair shop. That was such a huge relief for everyone that we now had a local AC repair company. We always had to hire AC workers from the city and wait hours and even days for them to come to fix our systems. I approached the AC business, and an HVAC worker came to speak to me. He introduced himself and informed me they were just finishing the store but were open for business. I asked him for a card and told him I’d spread the word that they were open. In addition, I intended to come back and learn about the HVAC maintenance plans they had.


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We met our parents at the cabin

The pandemic had put a lot of things on focus, including how much we loved and valued our parents.

Mom and dad suggested instead of going home we should all meet at the cabin and spend time together just like we did as kids.

We agreed that was a great idea and planned to travel to a remote location. I had to drive my sister and brother since we lived in the same area. Our other siblings flew in and rented cars to drive to the cabin. Mom and dad were already there and had the cabin cleaned by a local cleaning lady. It was quite dusty since no one had been there in a year. We each had our rooms and shared the common areas in the house. The first week was so lovely. We spent the entire time catching up and enjoying the lovely warm air filling the space from the HVAC unit. However, the second week was a bit eventful when the AC unit began failing. One day, we were having dinner when we noticed the room was getting cold. Dad tried to adjust the smart thermostat from his phone, but nothing changed. It seems the AC unit was having trouble blowing warm air into the house. Though it was late, we had no option but to pay extra for the HVAC expert to repair the system. They charged a hefty emergency fee since we didn’t have a plan with them. But, it was worth the extra cost because he arrived at the cabin an hour later to fix the AC. By that time, we were all wearing our coats.

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Mom was happy to lower the energy bill

Mom went to town to run some errands about two months ago.

She had a whole list of things to do and asked me to tag along.

Her plan was for us to divide and conquer. We rarely went to town except when we had errands to run. We lived in a pretty remote area on a big farm so going to town wasn’t a big priority for us. There was always something to do at the farm, and dad said we’d go to town to run errands or have dinner once a month. I’d gotten used to it but always snuck away whenever I could with my friends. Mom told me I would get groceries at the supermarket, and then we’d go to the mall to buy some clothes. I liked the sound of that since I needed some new tops. Plus, mom said she wanted to pass at the HVAC supplies shop to check if they have a smart thermostat. Dad’s brother had called the other day and insisted we get a smart thermostat in our home. It would change our lives by making the AC unit more energy efficient. Mom liked the sound of that since she wanted to find ways to lower the energy bill. She went to the AC supplies store and spoke to one of the HVAC specialists about smart thermostats. The AC worker informed him that a smart thermostat would make the AC unit energy efficient. But only if we got regular maintenance on the system. Mom agreed because she always had the HVAC tech over to the farm every spring and fall to service the system. She bought the best smart thermostat that dad was going to install.


Samantha had enough of the aging cooling system

Samantha had a group of friends coming to her beach house during the summer.

They were in college together and members of the same sorority.

Every year since graduating, they spent the summer together in different parts of the country. This time, it was Samantha’s turn to host the week-long vacation, including spa treatment at the elegant beach house. The property had been in Samantha’s family for a long time. She’d just inherited it from her mom and was doing some upgrades. Samantha’s friends were quite demanding, so she had to make sure everything was in order. She hired a top beauty and spa company in the city to set up at the beach house. In addition, she hired a chef to cook for them the entire week. Lastly, Samantha had to ensure the beach house had proper air conditioning. She got to the beach house two weeks before and turned on the cooling system. It worked for about an hour, then began the cycle of turning on and off. Samantha knew the cooling system was old but never got around to replacing it. She’d had enough of the failing unit and opted to have it replaced. She contacted an AC supplier in the city and placed an order for a new unit. The AC supplier had a team of HVAC workers, and he sent two of them to the beach house to tackle the cooling system upgrade pronto. They first had to remove the aging unit and check if all the ductwork was in order. After some duct cleaning, they set up the new beach house cooling unit.
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