Keeping motivated with my heating and cooling technology work

My heating rep got me on it many years ago and I have a lot of energy to do my HVAC systems repair work every day.

I am getting pretty hungry for breakfast but I thought I’d knock out one article before I head out for a ride and my food. I like to eat kefir each day, and have been for the past three years, as I think the probiotics in it are really good for the body. It has a lot more strains and amounts of probiotics than yogurt, so I switched to kefir a couple of years ago when I found out the difference. One thing I have noticed over the past couple of years is that I’m not getting sick anymore. Cooling down the body with ice cold dips in the sea, followed by heating myself up again with a hot bath and a sit beside the gas space heater is proving to be good for my immune system apparently. I also take Ashwagandha, which is an ayurvedic adaptogen and basically slows down the aging process by reducing stress in the body. My heating rep got me on it many years ago and I have a lot of energy to do my HVAC systems repair work every day. I am 55 years old, and although I have definitely aged, my body seems to be in a lot better shape than most people my age. I do a lot of HVAC equipment lifting each week as I install heating and cooling technology in offices around town. I also do yoga seven days a week and I meditate each day, so I think between all of these things I am doing some good for myself. I have my HVAC tech to thank for most of this, she is the best!

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Time just ticks away like my air purifier system

I need to go to the bank today but I am feeling like putting it off until tomorrow because I have been there many times trying to fix the same issue.

Well, I just got back from the bank and when I was there I realized that I forgot my darn bank card, so I shouldn’t have gone to the bank today in the end anyways.

Pfff, but there is always tomorrow and I will be more ready tomorrow to knock this out once and for all. Today I will enjoy the nice natural climate control and see if my bandmate feels like playing on the streets tonight at sunset by the local business with nice space heaters outside to keep us warm. I would also like to talk with him about getting this RV soon and doing some road gigs. I think we can make a ton of money if we go to the HVAC businesses in the bigger cities for work and play in local businesses around town. I just want to play in small swanky clubs and entertain people for the rest of my days. I would need some good a/c in the summertime and a good heating system to keep us warm in the cold winters. We want to play in the beach bars along the coast of the country during the summers and hit the ski lodges in the wintertime to do shows. It should be a fun time and I am looking forward to good heating in the RV during the winter, as it has a great HVAC system.

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Dual fuel system is great for the home

My cat is in hardcore cleaning mode, as it licks its paw and cleans behind its ears.

I often see my cats dipping their paws in their water bowl and licking the water that is on the bottom of their paws.

I don’t know if other cats do that but it is pretty fun to watch. They also do the same with food too, grabbing the food in their paw and eating it out of their hand more or less. I guess all cats are a bit funny, and listening to them devour food in the morning is my favorite. Hybrid heating keeps us all warm in the wintertime while our fireplace takes a little break. We have a nice life in this home with our two cats and me and my wife Kat. I met her on the paseo outside of this local business and we also worked together in the HVAC field for a while. She is a cool lady and I am so lucky that we found each other when we did because I was kind of spiraling a bit out of control. Anyway, we got a dual fuel system in our house not long ago and it really trimmed down on our power bills. Kat talked me into buying it and it was one of the best decisions she has made to save money around the house. I hope we both stay healthy and I keep my HVAC tech job at the local business so that we can keep living the life we have been for so many years.

Heating and air conditioning system

Local service provider is hiring again

I wasn’t afraid at all though while counting down the seconds to impact, I was more in an accepting state of mind at that point

When I die I want to come back as a cat I think. I have almost died a few times now with the crazy stunts that I have tried. One time was while skydiving on jump number 178. I jumped out at 12000 feet and was doing flips and tricks in the air for two tandem jumpers and I got into a side spin on my back. I basically was falling at a 45 degree angle on my back, which makes the wind spin you like a propeller, and I didn’t open my chute till 2 seconds before impact. HVAC equipment and heating and cooling bills were the last thing on my mind as I tried to get out of my sidespin. I remember flipping over and seeing the ground coming at me and it looked like it was coming at me in fast forward. My heating tech friend was watching me fall next to my HVAC rep dad, who came to watch me jump, and he thought I was going to hit the ground like his buddy did. The trees and buildings were getting big really fast as I kept saying the word “open” over and over to my parachute. My heat pump maintenance job didn’t seem so important anymore as I was ready to say goodbye to my HVAC tech work and my life. I wasn’t afraid at all though while counting down the seconds to impact, I was more in an accepting state of mind at that point. Well, needless to say, I lived through it and will keep my job at the HVAC company for a bit longer.
Air quality systems

A short song and a central heating device

We finally got some of our songs onto our Soundcloud page and people are really liking them.

Our most popular song is called the monkey song and it is a pretty funny one I must admit.

We started our band about two years ago and we have grown a lot since beginning. I was a bit scared of singing, as I never really was trained in singing, but doing 15 years of standup comedy taught me to face my fears and to not be afraid of being afraid. Now it is much easier singing and drumming and my HVAC tech bandmate and I just may make a name for ourselves after all. I still like to work for the home services company and tell people about SEER ratings and saving energy on their power bills. I will do that job for another year or two and then I think I will just rely on money I make from playing music in the band. I figure I could do the music thing till I am 75 or more years old, if I am alive and healthy then, and make a nice ending to my crazy life that has taken me all over the world. I would like to buy a new HVAC system for my flat, and I think with the money I make from music, I will be able to afford the heating and cooling device at the HVAC business and be all set. I am going to go make a grilled cheese sandwich now and play with my cats a bit.
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Air quality systems for the day

Wow it is really cold in my office this morning, well it is actually past noon so the morning is gone now. I would probably love this cold feeling if it were the middle of the summer, but when it is cold out you want it a bit warmer in the flat. Okay, I just put on my fingerless gloves and I will see if I can type with these on because my hands are really way too cold. I use these gloves when I drum outside because it is really cold out and they get numb while drumming. Heating devices normally keep me warm while working online but my space heater died a few months ago and I need to get it repaired soon. It is definitely slower typing with those gloves, which I just removed, because they space my fingers too far apart for the keyboard I have. Maybe running my other radiant heater would help, but it is at the HVAC company and I need to pick it up and drop off the other broken heater. They repaired the one a few months ago but I have been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to pick it up yet. I need to go to the local business this week and fix my bank account, as it is having a problem contacting my cell phone for some reason. I will go there and do that and then I will go to the heating dealership and grab that radiant space heater once and for all. I’ll see you soon.


Commercial air conditioning

10,000 plays for some cooling repairs

I bought a package of 10,000 plays for our SoundCloud song just to see if this service really works, and if so how the listeners feel about our newest song.

I’m not sure how the 10K plays works, if people actually listen to it, or what will happen but I want to try it out.

It set me back $33 and that is the best way to know how the service works. I’m considering that money gone but it isn’t a big investment for me and if it doesn’t work then so be it, they can keep my cash. HVAC cooling system repairs is how I got that money and it basically was an hour of my time doing duct cleaning or heating and cooling equipment service calls. If this service from the promotion company does work though then we will buy 10K plays each month to keep pushing us forward with our band and web presence. My local contractor friend told me about this when we were working in the HVAC company a few months ago and he said it works great for his band. If it works for us then it will help us with getting more gigs because all of the plays and followers make us look more legit. Playing in air conditioned clubs and heated ski lodges would be a dream come true for me but only when our music is ready for it. Until then, we will just keep practicing 150 hours a year like we have been, which is three hours a week of playing in climate controlled dive bars.


a/c repair

Rent is late but the air is cold

The properties I manage for my brother in the States bring in a whopping $340 a month in income for me, but the way that I live that money goes a long way. That actually pays for all of my food for the month, so then I’m just left with rent and some spending money. I make some each month teaching yoga and volleyball and those two pay my spending money and miscellaneous bills, so then all that is left is the $700 for rent. Things will change in five years though when the SS money kicks in from HVAC system work over the years. I’ll get $1000 a month from that soon and then I’m on easy street. I’m a bit late on the rent this month because the local contractor is behind on paying the HVAC techs because he is waiting for a big check. He felt bad though and is giving everyone a week off paid in full, so we are all fine with being late on paying our rents this month. The owner of this building owns a local business nearby and we are working on his air con system and he knows that we will be late this month with rent but at least he is getting some ice cold air conditioning soon. Today is Saturday and by Monday we will have his climate control system all set up and he and his customers will be sitting in cold air pretty soon. The weather is heating up a lot so I am sure he is going to be happy to have a working HVAC system again.


Hybrid HVAC system

Last heating and cooling story for the world

I am toughing it out this morning and finishing my work for the day.

Well, I will still have another hour of work to do but that is going to be easy work as I will just be doing some reading.

I will teach my friend later and then I will make some magic in our band later when we play at the epic church by the sea. I’m listening to our song By The Sea and making sure it is ready for the onslaught of plays it is going to get later this week. This local contractor told me to buy 10K plays for my song, as he did for his HVAC business song, which ended up getting millions of plays once people shared it with others. I just want to get our song out to others because I feel that it is a good song and can make people happy. The HVAC contractor told me to get on Spotify but I want to get more money from the heating and cooling work I do before we spend money on that site. We just have our stuff on a local music site now, which is fine with me, because it is a good site where I can put our songs on for free. If I get more work at the local business doing duct cleaning then I will sink more money into putting our music out there on other sites. I’m not sure what it costs to do that but I just need to wait because my money is running thin. See ya later!

air conditioner

Chasing the dream and air conditioning repairs

If you have some kind of passion that you are suppressing I promise you that it will haunt you later in life if you don’t pursue it somehow.

I decided almost 20 years ago to make a major change in my life and switch from working for money to chasing a dream of doing standup comedy. I was an engineer for about seven years, and although I was making lots of cash, there was a pervasive emptiness that ran through my heart and told me there was something more to life than just getting by. I had to make a lot of sacrifices to do this change but looking back on it now almost 20 years later I can honestly say that I am more content with life. HVAC repairs, namely air conditioning repairs, pays my bills with just 15 hours of work each week, which allows me ample time to work on music in my band after switching from comedy a couple years back. If you have some kind of passion that you are suppressing I promise you that it will haunt you later in life if you don’t pursue it somehow. My cooling representative buddy is old now and told me he regrets every day that he didn’t become a musician and just kept working in the HVAC repair world for much too long. You don’t have to do something forever just because you have done it forever, and it is fear that usually traps us in a smaller life than we could be living. Go for it so you’re not regretting life like my HVAC worker did when he retired, spending his whole life working on air conditioners and heating systems instead of playing music for a bunch of happy people.


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