Bowling is Sweaty Work!

People are routinely shocked at the things that I have to consider as a manager of a bowling alley.

Various leagues meet on a variety of days at specific times, and lanes have to be reserved for them.

I have to make sure that no one tries to steal any of our precious bowling balls (you’d be surprised by how often bowling ball heists are attempted). But, I also have to make sure that our HVAC system is functioning efficiently and effectively. A few weeks ago, our seniors bowling league was meeting for their weekly session. I noticed that I was a little sweatier than usual at the rentals desk. Just as I was going to check the thermostat, one of the bowlers from the senior league approached the rentals desk. “Is it hot in here, or is it just me?” I told him that I was on my way to the thermostat, and he said, “I just stuck my hand over one of the vents, and I didn’t feel anything…” I told him that I would take care of it. I walked back to my office and, sure enough, the thermostat read 78 degrees inside the bowling alley, despite our cooling system being set to its usual 68 degrees. I called our trusty HVAC contractor, who sent a technician out right away. The technician discovered—after crawling around in the attic inspecting the ducts and vents, tinkering with our air handler, and exploring our outside units—that there was an electrical problem that was keeping our thermostat from communicating with our cooling system. He briefly fiddled with the thermostat wiring, and within 20 minutes of his arrival, he had the HVAC system up and running! The seniors bowling league caught him on his way out, and offered their sincerest thanks!


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