Calling the heating pros

I was so relieved when I saw that the first Covid test came up negative. I felt like complete hell but at least I wasn’t dealing with Covid. That was the last winter season and I was vaccinated. I wasn’t up to dealing with all the mess that goes with that virus, and just having to hole up inside the central air conditioning was more than I could have dealt with. I easily can’t do any sort of a repeat of being stuck inside our home like we were when the pandemic was raging. Still, I battled whatever flu that hit me for more than a week. And for weeks after, I was still battling sinus and chest congestion to a large degree. It got to the point that my husband was looking at me sideways every time I started coughing. So I headed for the doctor’s office which is not something that I really like to do. And I was so surprised that I didn’t come away with a prescription for some sort of medication to heal me up. Instead, I came away with the directive to simply call the HVAC dealership. The doctor thought my symptoms were lingering because of the indoor air quality of my home. And that turned out to be exactly the case, but once the HVAC pro performed the air duct cleaning and air duct resealing, my cough vanished overnight. But I also got a bonus gift with this HVAC service; the air duct resealing has ended up saving me money. Stopping all the leaks in the air ducts has resulted in large savings when it comes to heating and cooling costs.

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