Cheap air conditioner units do not protect your air conditioner unit

If my brother, who is an HVAC expert, had to say there is number one rule to know when it comes to Heating & A/C technology and Heating & A/C equipment, he’d say the most pressing thing to know has to be to change your air filters always.

There are so several things that people have wrong about their a/c filters. First, many homeowners buy these cheap air filters that are not great for the cooling unit. In attempts to save money, people will buy these cheap air filters and then wait a long time to change them out. You can see how that would be a recipe for disaster. The cheap a/c units do not protect your air conditioner unit and it should, which can lead to a shorter lifespan. Some of these air filters are so bad they can cause damage to your machine. The second thing is not changing out your filter often enough. My brother has come across people that would only change their air filter out yearly, which is really insane. That will clog up your a/c device and cause it to fail early. Most of the time you should change the air filter out every couple of months. But if you have pets in your home, it might be more often than the average person. It does depend on the home, but generally you should change the air filters out every 2 to 3 months. That is the number one thing my brother would request to improve your cooling equipment.


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