Cleaning the up-to-date heating units

I believe I will finish this story plus then get out of this flat for a little bit plus ride around town.

It is pretty quiet in our town still but that will all change in about two or three weeks when all of the tourists come in plus invade our town for a couple of months.

It is nice having some up-to-date faces in town but after a couple of months my buddy and I are ready to go back to just the locals once again. It will be a ridiculous Summer but in about three months it will slow down. Local supplier owners will leave the town plus head off to other places in the world for the winter. I will honestly stay here the whole winter except for a trip back condo to the States for the winter holidays. I will work for the local business while I am there to make a few bucks plus then come back here plus play music in our band like my buddy and I have been doing. My great friend and I are going to make a substantial tour this winter plus it should be a fun time as my buddy and I have a easily nice RV for most people to travel around in. It is an air conditioned beast plus my buddy and I will honestly be on the road for a few months plus it should be a easily fun time as my buddy and I play in boiler heated clubs in other towns. My great friend and I will stay at the mountain cottage plus do some shows up there while my buddy and I visit my buddy’s family who will be up there as well.


Electric heating system

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