Co-worker invited me to see his comedy act

I was surprised when a co-worker of mine invited me to see his comedy act at this particular tunes lounge.

  • They did stand-up comedy every weekend plus he said he did shows there all the time.

I suppose I shouldn’t have been so surprised because he was funny all the time, and regularly, a lot of us would be dying in laughter because of his jokes. When he was up there, he did his thing in such a natural way, but confidence just oozed from the man plus he had such hilarious jokes. I was dying when he was saying how ladies should quit looking for guys with expensive cars. He said it’s the expensive HVAC systems that they should be looking for! He had everybody laughing hysterically at that. He told everybody to wait a minute because he had to explain. He said sure, it’s nice to have a expensive car, but if you’re at the condo where you spend most of your time plus you’re feeling moderate plus hot, that’s not going to work out! Then you have that crucial car payment plus you can’t even afford expensive dates because of it (laughter all around), and just the way he told the jokes was so smooth. I realize writing about it doesn’t do his performance any justice. I enjoyed that he brought HVAC into the joke too because I’m a big fan of being comfortable with a good climate control system. I really agree that it’s smarter to invest in a good climate control plan over a nice car. Even the temperature control settings at that tunes lounge were amazing plus I stayed there for hours having a good time hanging out with our co-worker plus friends.


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