Cold air conditioning feels great

I’m getting a bit ahead on my articles for the week because I am not playing music or athletic sports this week and have a free day basically.

It is 6pm and I am sure there will be people on the beach playing ball, but the sunshine doesn’t go down till close to 10pm nowadays, so I still have quite a bit of time to get out in the sun, but it is pretty overheated out now and I like to stay out of the intense sunshine most of the day and save my skin from more wrinkles.

Cold air conditioning feels so nice when it is so overheated out like it is this week, but summer time will be gone in a blink so I need to enjoy it even when it is heating up to near 100F. I will bring my little orange chair to the beach and watch a few games while I chill in the sand with an ice frosty beer possibly. I may see my cooling rep out there and maybe we can have a chat while cooling down with a frosty brew. It will be an early night for me as I plan on getting home by about 9pm latest, maybe even earlier, so that I can get to bed at a great hour. I will turn on my mini split a/c component in my home office about an hour before I go to bed so it is cooling down the room for me before I hit the hay. I sleep legitimately well in a colder home office and love my little a/c system.


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