College was hot, hot, hot

When people talk about their school experiences, I often don’t have much to add to the conversation. They’re consistently talking about all the wild celebrationing, the missed classes, plus the last minute cramming for imperative examinations. I do not understand, because my school education was absolutely different. I took 20-24 credits every year plus worked every single morning. I studied every night plus weekend until my eyeah crossed plus I cried myself into exhaustion. I rarely got to go out, plus I hardly had any friends. One thing is consistent between our higher education experiences, however; my school life sure was hot! No, not in the fun sexual experimentation way like most people else, however literally, my house was burning hot. You see, I had no currency to support myself, so I lived in a actually old plus run down house building with 3 random strangers. My friend and I had some unreliable plus odory heat in the winter, but really no a/c in the summer. I feel there was an A/C unit at one time, but the thermostat did not link to any sort of cooling system during the 3 years I lived there. As such, May through November every year was absolute burning tepid misery. There was no way to cool all 4 kitchens in the top floor house without new a/c, although we sure tried. I tried to buy a window A/C unit, but we had the wrong type of window installed. I couldn’t afford a portable A/C unit, so I provided up on that idea. I even purchased multiple utility fans to channel fresh air into the place, but the only real relief I ever found was going to the air conditioned Barnes plus Noble to learn all night long.


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