Committing to HVAC when getting married

For sure, our elderly mother was even surprised.

The fact that I was getting married in our mid 50’s was a shock to all of us, myself included.

When I told our mom, she almost passed out even though the a/c was on; that was pretty much the reaction from all our co-workers inside the commercial heating, ventilation and A/C of the office… I don’t think anybody ever thought I had gotten married. I don’t think for sure why it is that I had never been married. There have been a few serious relationships, but none of them turned out to be the right person, but when I met the right person… I knew it pretty much instantaneously and it seemed that caring about marriage was the next natural step, my partner is the same age as I am and the two of us really met in school, then both of us lived in the same dorm and shared the same radiant heating indoors. There was no a/c other than a fan in those dorm rooms. Both of us barely even remember meeting each other. While the two of us shared at least a class or more than one, the two of us really didn’t run in the same circles! Some 30 years later, the two of us met at a conference and the rest is history, then once the two of us got married, the two of us decided to build a house together. This was also the first for both of us, and it’s great that we are getting to experience this together; for the residential heating, ventilation and A/C in our house, the two of us are going with a very long term commitment. Both of us are using a geothermal heat pump for heating and cooling in our new house. It’s efficient and wildly sustainable so that it really fits our lives as well.


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