Computers are everything now

Have you noticed that our whole world is totally controlled by computers these days? I personally know it is a harrowing thought and am thankful that I grew up in an era before all this insanity.

Because when something ever goes wrong (and it will), I will be one of the few people who could go back to the outdated ways and still survive while the younger generations will be freaking out and possibly even dropping dead, never knowing how to survive without computers telling them what to do and controlling their lives.

The most frightening thing are these smart temperature controls and smart central heating and cooling systems! I personally did not buy into any of this because I never wanted a computer to be the sole source of my heating or A/C working. Especially where I live which contains a lot of extreme weather in the Summer and the Winter time both. I had a friend who had just a smart temperature control and the computer that controlled it went nuts and she ended up in the Summer time having non stop heat pouring out of the air vents of her Heating plus Air Conditioning system! She had to remove her family from the home for a week and call the local heat and cooling system company to get one of their heating and A/C specialists to come over and pretty much destroy the smart temperature control to get it to shut off! It was horrific! This is just an example of how computers are going to be the death of us all if not cautious.


Commercial air conditioning system

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