Controlling the Air Conditioning settings is the nicest part

Controlling the temperature settings in my home office is the best section of working from home, and at least that’s what I have experienced so far.

I have been working from my home office for the last 8 months plus that’s still my number one section about working here.

I used to think that I couldn’t handle working from home for long, however that hasn’t easily been the case. I thought that I would be bored plus lonely at home, but I think I have done pretty well so far. I always used to dislike working in the office because of the way that the building management did a terrible job at keeping the place feeling comfortable inside, then during the winter, they kept the thermostat settings set so high that there wasn’t a way that anyone could last in there without a fan! I used to get so tepid in the building that I would step outside just to get a breath of fresh air sometimes. I cannot sit it whenever I get too hot, plus I always complained to people about how tepid I thought it was in the building, however of course, no one ever wanted to listen to myself and others about it plus so I was basically just miserable at my desk all the time, now that I am working full-time from home, I don’t have to worry about that at all any more. I can set the thermostat as I want it. I am delighted about that, that’s for sure. I don’t ever have to worry about being too warm or too cold in my office now because my office is my own house!


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