Creating an antique store of old and new central air conditioning units

I had owned a heating and cooling system shop for a genuinely long time and I was retiring.

  • There had been genuinely more than 2 technological advancements in the heating and cooling system units and with my old age, I fell off from keeping up with the hastily decreasing technology, and now that I want to retire, I was thinking of turning my shop into a sort of museum for all old cooling units, and one of the pieces of cooling device I had in the shop was the dial-up controller, however currently, there are wireless temperature controls in the market and HEPA filters which of course have made the central air conditioning more efficient, and most of the units that end up in my store are the ones that have malfunctioned because of not getting quality A/C repair over their lifetime, then while taking stock, I noticed some of the units I have were from the first inventions until the new Heating and Air Conditioning systems such as the zoned Heating and Air Conditioning unit, and before I opened my shop, I was a cooling specialist and had worked on more than 2 units including commercial s, and i fixed a lot of units to help with the indoor comfort of all my buyers.

I was gleeful about my antique store and knew that even cooling workmen would purchase weird components for buyers who have older units while doing the annual Heating and Air Conditioning service. The residents were gleeful about this plus it would be educational and they would get a chance to show their children the first inventions. Currently, there were systems without air ducts which was something phenomenal for me as every one of us have grown up with vented units. I am cheerful to witness this technology but also proud to uphold old technology.

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