Dad was drastic that heat pumps are better for beach houses

Dad has been my voice of reason for several years.

I tend to be quite emotional and can blow things out of proportion at times.

He says I take after my mom, who I never met. My dad is a cool dude who rarely loses his temper or speaks with a loud voice. He always knows how to take charge of situations and have people listening to him. This is why he is such a good minister at our local church. Since I was a kid, I wanted to own a beach condo similar to where all of us used to stay. Recently, I bought 1 and was looking forward to giving my dad the special condo tour. As all of us spoke about the peculiar updates to make in the house, dad advocated I get a heat pump. Since the section has good weather, a heat pump would serve me all year. Dad said heat pumps are energy efficient and would minimize my overall energy consumption. As much as I understood what he was saying, I didn’t want to pay replacing the air conditioning in the house. So, at first, I brushed off dad’s suggestion about the heat pump. When he mentioned it 2 more times, I told him that I was better off with the air conditioning. Rarely do I see my dad argue with me, but this time he was adamant that heat pumps were better for beach houses. That was a sign that he knew what he was talking about, and I should listen to him.



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