Didn’t include the HVAC in recent cost cutting

It’s been tough on us financially for going on three years.

And while that might not sound like a long time, it’s been that long since I bought lunch out.

Prior to the pandemic, I’d slip out of the zone controlled HVAC at work to visit one of the delicious food trucks that rotated in and out near the office. There, I’d find some sort of yummy lunch and then spend the rest of the afternoon nibbling on it back inside the commercial HVAC of the office. The pandemic stopped that because I was working inside the central air conditioning of my home office. And to keep my job, I took a stiff pay cut of nearly 25 percent. This was supposed to be temporary but it lasted nearly 18 months before I got my full salary and bonus structure back. Of course, our finances were again besieged by the rampant inflation that has gone wild since the curbing of the pandemic. It’s like I can’t win and it goes much further beyond not getting to eat out for lunch. Along with packing a lunch each day, shopping with coupons, and finding sales, I’m still carving stuff out of our household budget to rein in spending. I even considered canceling the HVAC service plan. This HVAC service plan provides heating maintenance in the fall followed by an air conditioning tune up in the spring. But it’s more than that. If there is ever a breakdown, all I have to pay for are the parts. The HVAC company picks up the service charge and labor. Thankfully, I thought better of it and left the HVAC service plan alone.

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