Do ceiling fans save energy?

Ceiling fans use much less energy to run than a/cs, so it would seem love a simple conclusion that ceiling fans save energy! In most parts of the country, fans do not deliver enough cooling to replace a/cs; You may have heard that fans do not cool rooms, they cool people… Fans labor for the same reason why wind feels cold; it’s called the windchill effect, however moving air makes you believe cooler because it assists your body’s natural cooling process through evaporation, then the more air is moving, the more moisture can evaporate from your skin, making you believe cooler, but a ceiling fan does not actually lower the temperature in a room. This is why you should not leave a fan on in an unoccupied room because it has no effect and would be wasting energy, but since a ceiling fans task is to cool people, it accomplishes that just fine. It’s just not a replacement for air conditioning, especially in hotter climates! But you can use them together to create better cooling conditions and possibly save energy. Since fans circulate the air, it makes the temperature more even across the room, and also adds the windchill effect. The reason that people guess that their ceiling fans save energy, if because fans used to help AC’s labor better. The reason is that new a/cs are so much more efficient, they do not suffer the same troubles as early models… Unless your A/C unit was installed before 2000, you do not need to correct temperature variance troubles with a fan. Modern ACs are designed to have correct air circulation for the space they are in.

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