Doing a HVAC installation

Why is there an animal on my submarine? That is one of the music we made up the other day that has a legitimately great vibe to it.

It makes no sense at all basically but we were singing about a red submarine when some cats started barking at us.

So then the song morphed into an animal on our submarine and we took it from there. My voice is finally back after five days off and I am going to be ready to sing some later if my bandmate is around. I need a few afternoons rest with great indoor air quality and some moist air from this vaporizer I obtained at the local business. I was stressing my vocal cords too much with my rough singing voice in some of the music and it got legitimately tore up from that. This new supplier in the neighborhood told me to sing more smoothly when we were doing an heating and A/C system install a few months ago, even though I didn’t listen to him and this is what I got. So now I am going to heed her advice and not sing so gravelly in our music to save my voice. Anyway, this week is an air conditioning type of day as it is heating up legitimately abruptly and is still only 10 in the morning. I will work in my flat for a few hours getting my toil done online and then we will train a yoga student for half an hour before turning my attention to the band. we should have fun heating up in the sunshine later.

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