Don’t let HVAC condensate ruin your day

I tend to overthink things when it comes to my house.

  • I’m always trying to stay one step ahead when it comes to repairs or mitigating bad possibilities.

And one of those possibilities is water damage. Throw in a water leak combined with exposure to electricity and I’ll bet up all night. There are so many different sources of water in a house. Even the HVAC has a level of condensate that can become a real problem. This is another reason I make sure that I have an HVAC professional checking and servicing the HVAC equipment twice a year. In our region, we lean on the heat pump to cool our homes. The HVAC cooling is the biggest heating and cooling concern we have. The winters are mild and that just doesn’t require a whole lot of heating. But we more than make up for that with our summer. There is just no way to get through the summer without a big dose of HVAC cooling. And a lot of HVAC cooling produces plenty of condensate. Of course, the HVAC equipment is designed to deal with the condensate. There is a drain line to carry the condensate safely away from the HVAC equipment and the house. However, that drain line can get clogged. When the HVAC condensate drain line is clogged, it forces that water back into the house. At that point it ends up in a drain pan and hopefully evaporates. However, if it doesn’t then water damage can ensue. This is why it’s essential to have an HVAC professional doing semi annual HVAC maintenance on your HVAC equipment.

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