Ductless mini-split converts our shed into a man cave

It did, however, have a 12 by 11 foot shed in the backyard that would be perfect for the section I wanted

When our partner Cal and I were hunting for a current house, it was 1 of the most stressful points in our marriage. Cal and I wanted to have enough rooms, however also stay inside our modest budget. One thing I, in particular, wanted in a current house was to have a “man cave” of sorts, without an office, where our pals and I could watch films, smoke cigars, and hang out without spine-chilling Cal, or the future baby. The people I was with and I found the perfect house, in the perfect location, however it was missing a section for a man cave. It did, however, have a 12 by 11 foot shed in the backyard that would be perfect for the section I wanted. In order to turn it to a liveable section it of course had to have air conditioner and heating! Rather than go through the big hassle of installing air duct, or using an ugly, costly window unit, I decided to buy a ductless mini-split for our mancave Heating plus Air Conditioning system. A ductless mini-split is a very affordable, self-explanatory to install appliance that can be used to heat and cool a room, without needing Heating plus Air Conditioning ducts, and since there are no ducts, I only needed to drill a small hole for all of the necessary components connecting the inside components to the outside. My ductless mini-split has been a good addition to our space, and it has guaranteed our comfort and the comfort of our guests no matter the temperature outside, the temps inside has always been comfortable, since the ductless mini-split is so much more efficient than any window unit, I have saved hundreds of dollars every week, especially since it’s a room that I will spend so much time in.

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